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LONDON, ENGLAND:Two days = Two more opportunities to buy tickets! After that, there will only be eight more ticket-buying days! So. You get it!

NOTE: This is an encore performance of the show I did at the Soho in April. Didn’t see it? Come see it! Did see it? Tell someone who didn’t see it: “See it!

‘Makes intelligent, classy storytelling stand-up look effortlessly easy.’ ★★★★ Time Out

‘Sparkling and sophisticated.’ ★★★★ Independent

‘Impressively slick but delightfully dry. He is as good as he looks.’ ★★★★ Times

‘A true pro trading in classic comedy, with a light touch and a bountiful sense of fun.’ ★★★★ Guardian

‘Smart humour to accompany that smart suit.’ ★★★★ Evening Standard

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