My wife is hysterical. She really is. I met her, and fell in love with her, in an improv class. She was so awesomely funny that I fell in love with her while Amy Poehler was teaching the class, which gives you an idea of how fucking amazing my wife is, because Amy is pretty crushable.

We started dating in late 2000. Which means that, shortly after it got serious, we went on a date to a Ralph Nader rally at Madison Square Garden (look, I know, I was disillusioned by Clinton’s second term, and knew full well that Gore would take New York State so I lodged a protest vote. But don’t think that that election wasn’t a dark night of the soul for me). Point is – she was hysterically funny, thought I was hysterically funny, and we still recognized the need for a third party to elevate the debate in this country. Because funny people are citizens, too. Tax payers. Voters. Americans. And we’re allowed our opinions.

I’ve known Jen Kirkman almost as long as I’ve known my wife. I remember her early NYC gigs, I remember being among the first to move out to LA, I remember seeing her go up when I moved to LA and just get better and better. She also, it must be added, took my improv class when I started teaching, and was a far-and-away standout, a comic’s wit matched with a gloriously understated acting style.

One of the things I love about Jen is that she’s got strongly held political beliefs. She’s actually, if we’re being candid, a little to the left of me (go easy on the President, Jen, he’s doing his best against an intractable House and a powerful oil lobby). I love Jen’s tweets, and I love how she engages her followers, both respectful and otherwise.

That said, it’s gotten out of hand. Jen is on a twitter strike because she’s tired not of being criticized, not of being contradicted, but of the vile misogyny that accompanies both. I got into a twitter fight JUST THIS MORNING (I started it, talking science to a climate change denier. Not my shining moment.) and I sympathize – but I never get assailed with “Shut up and look pretty” or “Stop talking and maybe someone will do you” and it’s so clearly because I’m a guy. Jen does. A lot. And it’s disgusting.

And as I don’t have to tell the brighter among you, this is not a first amendment issue, and it won’t ever be until Jen can have you arrested for being a cock. It’s just common decency. She can’t take the heat, so she should get off Twitter? Maybe don’t follow her, shit for brains. Maybe accept the free content she provides or fuck off and live in your opinion bubbles. I don’t agree with everyone I follow on Twitter. Doesn’t make me tell @DennisDMZ that he should stick to writing about football because he’s got no business endorsing Romney. Fuck it, sure he can. He’s a tax payer with Twitter. And I sure as hell won’t tell him to just sit there and fluff his hair and keep his opinions to himself when it is very likely he is unstoppable in both regards.

The point is this – you come at Jen Kirkman, come at her about issues, not about her being a ‘funny girl’ who should just be talking about her periods and how many shoes she owns. Twitter can be about the exchange of ideas. Catch a couple of hers. 

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