Zisk magazine is the only sports publication in which I have been published. It will likely be the only sports publication in which I will EVER be published. This Mets-centric zine/blog is owned and operated by Mike Faloon and Steve Reynolds, two great baseball fans who are more interested in story than stats, and who have been diligent in finding new ways to cover America’s pastime for over 7 years. Wanna hear how Geddy Lee handles his fantasy league? Zisk has you covered. An elegaic trip to Shea with Mike Faloon’s hysterically potty mouthed brother? Zisk is there. 

Zisk is about to publish its first anthology - it will be packed with the aforementioned great articles and pieces by Rev. Norb, Ari Voukydis and Brian Cogan.

The book has a publisher, but they need your help to pay their cover designer and their writers (I’m not in the anthology - my piece is kind of dated, and nobody needs my Timo Perez joke right now). I know there is a lot going on in the world right now, but they are merely a grand short of this goal. Watch this Kickstart video and help them out, won’t you?

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