Oh, look - PBS is showing YET ANOTHER Sondheim Show. Oh, look - Ima watch YET ANOTHER Sondheim show. Live from Lincoln Center: Sweeney Todd

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-My amazing wife included – credit Joan Rivers as an influence and an inspiration. That’s enough for me to honor her memory.

Steve just beat me to posting this. I love how enthused Bob is to be there in this clip.

Joan’s legacy will, hopefully, not be the disappointing mistreatment of writers on her last show, but her honest to God trailblazing as a female stand up comic. Put her in the context of her epoch, and her career is amazing. She’s Neil Armstrong. She’s Jonas Salk. She’s Joan of Fucking Arc. 

I will dress tastefully, to the best of my ability, in her honor.

Let us celebrate @_MCChris’ birthday with this perfect workout song - Never Give Up - MC Chris Is Dead

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15 years ago, I joined SAG. I’ve had health insurance ever since. #HappyLaborDay #Livebetter #WorkUnion

#nr MAD WORLD by Jonathan Bernstein and Lori Majewski. Oral history of New Wave. Here’s the perennially underrated #AdamAnt on his aesthetic influences.

I have been chased down. Challenge accepted, @kerrikenney - I hereby challenge @voukydis.

Farewell, #Joburg. I shall miss you and your dancing statues. #latergram