Sounds fun, but the desert tastes just like the appetizer. This is, admittedly, not my big tent material.

I mean, in a literal sense. Like, you paid for it. We were thinking of calling it Bailout Field, but that seemed a little too on the nose. Anyway. Thanks?

"Por favor, me llamo Juan. Señor One Dollar es mì padre."

An old circuitboard from a clock radio – some Elmers glue – the beginning of my sons’ robot costume.

Regram from @midnightcc - complete with 420 likes! I’m on tonight with @Serafinowicz and @sethismorris! #420

Bruce Bowie 12/26/37- 7/16/07 #yahrtzeit #dontsmoke

The caption reads “Zach Braff, third from right.”

Don’t be cute, @nytimes.

I’m Emmy-adjacent! Congratulations to Craig Gerber and John Kavanaugh, who were nominated this morning for the Emmy for Outstanding Original Lyrics and Music: Merroway Cove. As Sondheim says, it’s the song not the singer, but I am so happy to be a part of this.