I have been chased down. Challenge accepted, @kerrikenney - I hereby challenge @voukydis.

Farewell, #Joburg. I shall miss you and your dancing statues. #latergram

Fixed! All too rare instance of Don Pardo on camera. RIP.

The great George Tabb turned me on to this - an amazing song that I send with love to my homies in cubicles:
The Hanslick Rebellion: “You Are Boring The Shit Out Of Me”

Source: youtube.com

The #apartheid chess set.
You heard me.
I can make out Mandela and Winnie and of course Bishop Tutu. Can anyone help me with the white pieces? Is that Botha or DeKlerk?

I think … I *THINK* he’d have found this juxtaposition very, very funny.

WATCH THIS: First two minutes of this scene are just Bogart and Bacall talking business, and then around 2:00 it starts to rain innuendo and she’s the hottest thing that ever lived. Dig in.

Robin Williams, one of the nicest guys you were EVER going to meet in this business, in his improvisational piece ‘A Meltdowners Nightmare’ from ‘Reality, What A Concept.’